mvwc6esww1 agitates while filling

Being that this is a Whirlpool, I would normally say the fill switch which is usually the cheapest option, but they are both expensive. Re-installed switch and he works perfectly. I fixed it by running a normal wash cycle (yes, the agitator starts right away), then as it was filling I opened the lid a few times. Agitating at the beginning of cycle. MVWC6ESWW1 Will not fill with water. On this model, the sensor is in the left most switch (water temp). will let you know later!! 175.00 for new timer when it was the sensor. It actually fixed my washer! Finally, rotate the switch 45 degrees to align and insert tab to lock in place. It really cleaned out the inside - everything slides in and out much more smoothly and the dishes and glasses are much cleaner. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! I pulled the hose off which was really tight since I had cut off 1/2 inch. At first, I thought it was a "soapy" build-up, so I started running the extra rinse cycle and after several loads the problem cleared so I returned to one rinse (my water bill was sky-high the month I tried double-rinse). Tapping the temp control always seems to fix temporarily. Just wanted to re-confirm to everyone that the fixes listed here work. Here's what I did that fixed the problem: Wow I was really worried about having to buy a new pressure switch or timer control,but luckly I have a B.A in electrical engineering and took it upon myself to look at the in side of the auto-sensing switch and you know what, after a year of owning this thing, the switch was still in perfect working order. Popped switch apart and bent up the 2 stationary contacs of the internal switch of atc/ls and works like a charm. It could cause the type of problems you are having. We had the exact same problem as everyone else. I think that is the root of everyone's problem here, whirlpool saved 3 cents on a part and everyone is out there buying 60 dollar sensors because of it. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my washer please? I decided to start with the cheapest fix. 3 months ago I blew out the hose and the port on the water temp switch. Thanks for saving me some money! I did two empty loads with perhaps 2 cups of vinegar, let it fill, let it sit for a couple of hours, and problem vanished. Hi, folks. Yes, I was able to fix it by replacing the timer which is the "fabric softner/No fabric softner" knob. Thanks much! I cost $65 and only took a few minutes to replace. I watched the Youtube video on how to access the controls, then followed the great directions on how to remove the load sensing switch (pull back on tab and rotate 45 deg.). Hooked hose up and started a reg cycle. Just part of the throw away culture we live in. It filled then agitated norm then spun and emptied normal. A whirlpool. went to wash them again and washer immediatally started agitating and filling with water at same time. I guess the new sensor is defective. 30 minutes reading, 15 minute fix. I did exactly what you said to do, and it worked LIKE A CHARM!!!! I put a load in, the water started, and the agitator started. I just blew out the hose this time. Anyway, I removed the switch, blew out the plastic tube, blew some compressed air in the port on the back of the switch, sprayed a little contact cleaner on the electical connectors, reassembled and the washer works fine now. All. It's working. What utube video do I watch for this problem? & now it works fine. That disturbs the water saving algorithm. You Guys are great for making the effort to post your findings for this problem. :D. I would recommend if you are going to try multiple fixes to only do them one at at time to see which one works. Put some laundry in and started the cycle and the washer immediately started to agitate....but it is also filling as it should be....just with the agitator running. As well, the government has new laws on how much a machines eviromental footprint can be used. On the model in question, I don't see a separate ATC and auto load switch : in fact the, Maytag fills and agitates at the same time, Re: Maytag fills and agitates at the same time, Whirlpool Washer Auto Load Detection Switch. Thank you. This page took me to the right part at least! So far. I want all who read this to write Whirlpool and copy and past my post, if nothing else, in your e-mail. Found this site and read thru the thread. If the rotor is damaged, replace it. (toronto on canada), as soon as the washer is commanded to start, it begins to fill as normal,but the agitator action starts immediately. Thanks so much, didn't have time to deal with repairman!!! Now the water comes on to fill, but the agitator starts at the same time. So the 'vinegar CLR water' went through the fabric softener cup for the cycle. Took off sensor, took sensor apart careful not to break. I never open the lid after I turn the thing on now. That is why some people on here just blow into it and it may or may not fix it, and some people buy a 60 dollar part and it still may or may not work, just make sure the hose is connected and sealed and problem will resolve it's self. I did the vinegar tip. I am wondering if you can tell what the problem might be for this. We also have installation guides, diagrams and manuals to help you along the way! Recently, when I would start a load on Normal, it would start agitating and no water would be coming in, then sometimes I would start a load and it would fill with water, but not stop filling. Free. My Kenmore toploading washer agitates while filling and then fills while spinning. I had a whirlpool that would start agitating immediately while it was filling. My 7 year old Whirlpool auto load sensing washing machine [W57ESVW] also started to agitate when filling. To remove the switch from the back of the control panel, pull back on the tab on the right side of the switch to allow rotation of the switch to the left (or right) by 45 degrees, then pull switch away from panel. blew through the clear hose, took switch off and reconnected...started working... Bought my Whirlpool with autosensing 10 months ago. Sat unit back down gently. THANKS STEVE!! At least the info is well documented here to save a service call. Remove the electrical connection and tube. This washer is the auto-load sensing model and it normally starts to fill first, agitate slightly in-between filling before it starts the continuous agitation. 😄. My wahser is agitating before the water fill also. I have a Kenmore 800 (likely made by Whirlpool)with the water saving feature and had this issue. Probably has a set/programmed water level built in that bypasses the sensor? But was the washer lid opened AFTER the cycle started? Have you tested the fill switch? at the end of the cycle the clothes were again very wet and water was holding in bottom of tub. hope this helps. I own a whirlpool washer and was experiencing the same problem. you can find videos on youtube on how to remove the control panel. Watch a 2 minute video of how to do that here: Then, I removed the water level sensor tubing and blew it out. Never had a repair before on a Kenmore, until this year. After going through the remove switch, blow out the hose, etc. Worked for me too...blew out hose and clamped it! In the fill up cycle it agitates, and in the spin cycle it tends to start filling water up. Thanks to this site I'm running again! This blog has saved me a ton of time and trouble. Find part W10177795 behind the softener switch. Answer Lori, this is going to be a normal operation as the unit uses the agitation while filling with water to sense how much water is needed during a wash cycle. Thanks everyone for the help! So tonight I started another load and lifted and closed the lid several times. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE THE SWITCH. I noticed a few of the commenters showed their discontent of Whirlpool. Washer started like it was supposed to and hasn't had a problem. If the magnets on the rotor are damaged, or any part of the rotor is defective, the washer may not spin or agitate. Tried running it again and it was then I realized that the stupid water level tube really had nothing holding it on there so I stopped the washer and found a small hose clamp. This time I blew out the hose, and also the hose input on the part. I took off the screw and dried the area. Thanks for all the helpful comments. At the end, the close were still soaked, but I had hope. That did not fix my problem. MVWC6ESWW1 Spins slowly. auto load sensing works again) works fine now. Agitator starts immediately when water starts to fill. unconnected all, blew on them reconnected all. I too have the Maytag Model MVWC6ESWW1 washer and having the same problem as everyone else. But there is no big difference to these machines than your cars. Agitated before and while filling with water, at the end of the spin cycle, it would happily spray water. The tube was clean, and oddly enough after reconnecting the three electical leads I had disconnected to remove the outer shell, my synchronization problem corrected itself (i.e. I replaced the switch. Then do as Steve suggests above - blow out hose & circuit thingy attached to the fabric softener knob. We have had a problem for the past two years where the washer will in spurts work correctly, and other times it will fill and agitates at the same time. Find all the parts you need for your Maytag Washing Machine MVWC6ESWW1 at Fix lasted for about a month and then it happened again. Maytag MVWC6ESWW1 Water Fill Hose Kit (Red, Blue) - Genuine OEM. All Models Parts. Thanks for the posts. Appliance parts online, right part, best price and fast shipping. Minor design flaw to a decent machine. Narrow your search down by symptom and read the amazing step by step instructions and troubleshooting tips for MVWC6ESWW1 from do-it-yourselfers just like you. When your washer won’t stop filling with water then troubleshoot the common reasons and find out how to fix this problem with our assistance. This washer is the auto-load sensing model and it normally starts to fill first, agitate slightly in-between filling before it starts the continuous agitation. I sent them a message earlier today on this matter and sent them the link to this site! My level sensor tube seemed clear, I could easily blow air through it from the top, creating bubbles in the water remaining in the bottom of the tub. Today however, I started a load...the water filled like it was suppose to, agitated, and spun, but once it got to the rinse cycle, it started agitating with no water. Thank you for the the vinegar tip. Unclip the thin clip on the right side. I opened and closed the lid several times. Meanwhile, doesn't Whirlpool's team of engineers have anything to say for themselves?? Guess what? The relay inside the black sensor box or the thin diaphragm or shaft inside the piece the hose connects too gets stuck & hangs. I got this idea from this very site, scrolling through to the contributor whose son tried this same remedy. I suppose doing so washed away whatever debris was interfering with the water level sensor. I don't believe there is a way to check that. The machine was out of sync and I needed to figure out how to get it back in sync. Re-connected the tubing and secured it with a lock tie. Then adding water at the end of the spin cycle leaving soaked clothes. This is the way information on the internet should work and you may have just saved me a lot of money and aggravation. A year later the same problem returned. I too had the same issue. Sounds like that if there is an autofill on it and there is no selector for load size that something is telling it already has water and to agitate. Harumph. Washer is noisy ... excellent washing action. Thanks to all who posted. MVWC6ESWW1 Will not stop filling with water. So far so good! My Whirlpool washer does the same thing. need help bigtime i glued a pond liner over the top of my washer now so cat can not do it again. Works for awhile days maybe weeks but fails again. Followed instructions on here and put a clamp on hose. I tried all that were suggested and I'm happy to say that my washing machine is fixed. And good luck. I supposed it could but typically I see hair or grease in the tube. Reconnect assembly. So I read through all the comments on this page. Voila it works. Please help. washer works perfect now. Put back together and magically it has started working right. The zip-tie I used came out of a pack of 100 that I bought from Lowe's for $4.95 I really think that people are just getting lucky when reattaching the hose and that is why the more expensive fixes seem to be working, but in reality the hose just needs to have a better seal to the switch sensor and be clamped in place. I also put in a new clutch assembly which probably wasn't a necessity but easy enough, it was half worn out and slipping. I didn't see where any kind of disassembly work was done which is good (because it removes that variable). It also fills after the spin cycle when the extra rinse is selected. With can air, plow the part out. THANK YOU for all the suggestions and especially for the Vinegar Tip! Problem solved. ( Kenmore 800 pc.of.poo.). PULL OUT THE TUB BLEW IN IT.. CUT THE TIP OFF PUT IT BACK .. NOW WORKING FINE ... HOW TO CHECK THE AUTO SENCING IN A WASHER-YOUTUBE.COM. Thanks, Bill. Agitates while filling? I had a similar problem and it over flowed because the float was no longer working correctly, Thanks for posting everyone, I popped the panel, blew out the hose and fitting(used keyboard pressurized air for the unit), got a small hose clamp and wd-40'd the connections. The agitation problem exists on all wash cycles except for the handwash option, but the filling problem at the end of spin cycle existed only for the normal wash cycle and not on any of the other 3 wash cycles. Why? This happened to our washer a few months ago and I fixed it without opening the thing up. I read where someone used vinegar to clear the potential clogs, so I intend to try this. But put my own twist on it. Blow the tube out. The timer was overheating. It appears that I am fixed for at least the time being (water added at end of spin cycle Whirlpool WTW58ESVW1). That's how it is on the Whirlpool washer at least. This is such a stupid situation we are all in. I had the same problem as everyone else, Maytag just over two years old. I cleaned the greenish-yellow gunk (probably dielectric grease) off the wipers and the contact area on the pc board. I went ahead and ran about a cup of white vinegar through the tube from the top (sensor side) of the tube anyway and let it soak overnight. Well I can't believe it. I ordered a new part for about $80 shipped and that did the trick!!! Will keep you updated if there are any changes. So far, so good. Another problem it had was it was filling at the end of the spin cycle leaving the washed clothes wet at the end of the wash. Sears replaced a timer that was worn out (after three years?) Type: 849-05 CO3446151 ANSWER Lori, this is going to be a normal operation as the unit uses the agitation while filling with water to sense how much water is needed during a wash cycle.. For how long, I don't know. They are getting more complecated all thanks to Uncle Sam. I work for a GE dealer so I don?t get updates on the new Whirlpool products but on new GE washers with auto load sensing they start to move the agitator before and when it is filling. Opened top cut hose blew through hose let 3 inches fill in bottom sucked some water in the hose blew back out and then sucked and blew through the hose to flush it out. In all cycles but hand wash ... hand wash fills normally. I then removed the power supply cables, disconnected the hose and electrical connectors to the sensor and then removed the sensor from the panel. Remember the mercury column from science class. For model number Wtw57esvw1. It is now doing the agitate before water and water at end of spin. My mom had the same problem with her Whirlpool: agitating while filling with water. I have only had this washer not even a year. If the tube had a leak you could not get a pressure reading. That you won't buy any other product from them again. See if it says anything about this in your owners manual. Read the Manual !! If it messes up again, at least I know how to change the water level sensor next! As I understand it, if you open the lid on the washers with auto-load sensor, it automatically fills the tub to maximum water, so you're wasting money. The fix from Steve in TN, worked!!! ... Washer started agitating before water reached it's correct level. This effectively got the washer back in sync and returned it to normal, and I haven't had any problems since. I blew through the hose and still nothing. So the repairman comes Tuesday. I followed the you tube video on how to open the top panel. Ran 4 more loads and it works like it's brand new. Also, just lifting the controls cover which houses everything by pushing on the latches may cause enough jarring to clear the stuck parts. Unhooked tubing and allowed water to drain from bubble into bottom of tub, make sure reassembly of tubing is in place with bubble empty(no water in bubble for proper signal to pressure switch). I found a refurbished timer for $37. my washer was agitating while filling and this $65 dollar part fixed the problem. it has a plastic tube atached to it. The best thing to do is to take the washer apart and check the tube to see if it is clogged and if not replace the water level control. And it is doing some other goofy stuff that would say timer? I just wanted to add that I had my own problem with the Whirlpool WTW57ESVW0 washer as it began agitating before/while filling, and throwing water in at the end of the spin cycle. I think I might replace the switch just to be on the safe side. Whirlpool Washer agitates while filling. One word of caution, the WTW57ESVW1 and WTW57ESVW0 are different and take different parts. It describes step by step how to easily replace the water level/softener switch and even how to do a couple of simple things first that may fix the problem without buying anything! Thanks for the advice! MVWC6ESWW1. The hose is for sure less likely to leak any air when it is secured this way. But he did not have to replace it. I conclude that I will not buy any more Whirlpool appliances. I finally ordered a new water level sensor (same part number as the old one)and installed it and started it up and got no water no agitation just a dead washer. So now I'm returning it to amazon and ordering another. Seems to be working correctly again. Spin also mustn't be working properly, because clothes are still heavily wet when cycle is complete, and 're-spinning' doesn't work. Fixed for $2.39. Let it complete the cycle and it worked fine after that. Blew in hose and port on switch. I workwith grease a lot so Im willing to bet that there is some greas in the tube haha. No longer agitates at the beginning of cycle and no more water added at the end of spin. NO PERM FIX!!!! MVWC6ESWW1 Will not agitate. (The actual problem of course being the temperature switch under the knob, not the knob itself). Washer agitates before filling is complete. It doesn't always occur, however. Last Maytag machine no better, balance ring was junk and machine wanted to walk out of the room all the time. Genuine Product, Whirlpool manufactured the original product for your Maytag MVWC6ESWW1. A 5 MINUTE FIX. Only when the handwash wash option (2nd knob from right)(not wash cycle) is used did it not agitate while filling. Includes repair parts, symptom troubleshooting, repair videos and more for my appliance. I am having some really weird issues with my washer. Then, I put the old timer back on and tried the replacement auto-sensing switch and that fixed the problem. Removed hose from switch, blew through it, removed switch, blew into that too, cut off 1/4 inch from hose and zip tied to switch. Then when it got to the end of it's cycle it would squirt just enough water on the clothes to leave them almost completely saturated. Returned it and received a second one in worse condition. And correct, there is no legitimate way to test the ATC without specialized test equipment (in the field; substitution is best. Replaced burner w/igniter updated version. Starts to agitate, but doesn't add water, then the next cycle it adds water and washes normal till the end, it spins, then leaves water in the button when it's done. Return to Washer Repair Questions Archives 2001 . It began agitating at the start of a wash cycle, then spraying the clothes sopping wet at the end of the spin cycle. Tried all these things, replaced timer to no avail. Thanks to the person who suggested running a load or 2 of white vinegar - it worked! I put another load in, but we were back to agitating. After about 20 seconds it stopped agitating and worked perfectly. Maytag MVWC6ESWW1 washer parts - manufacturer-approved parts for a proper fit every time! With your mouth, blow the tube as hard as you can for about 5 seconds. Same problem as others, agitation when putting on and wet clothes at the end. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Plugged the hose back into the sensor, and I'll be darned, miracles do happen, it now works. Washer stated agitating during the fill cycle and left about 2 inches of water after the spin cycle. disconnect the switch. This problem is going to be in the water level control or the tube that connects to the control may be partially clogged. My washer is working correctly. I ordered a new load sense switch, oddly called the fabric softener control on the panel. I went ahead and replaced the pressure switch about a year ago and it's starting to have the same problem. I would have to turn the timer to make it start agitating. However, today I just discovered that on the super wash cycle, it does not do it. I took the control panel off following the video from and first tried the replacement timer and it made no difference, i.e. Washing machines, including GE models, agitate back and forth, after filling with water and detergent, to clean the clothes inside the tub. I hope it's fixed, if not, I'll move on to one of the other suggestions. washer quit agitating at start, and quit filling at end of spin), but I now had a problem with my tub always filling to the max during subsequent washes (i.e. At some point it stopped filling, I opened the lid and closed it, and it filled the rest of the way. Check/remove the air line from the tub to switch. Unfortunately appliance companies don't normally issue recalls unless it is a safety issue. Would be the tube plugged or the drain to the pump pluged. Unplug the electrical outlet and flip the control panel up. So when Uncle Sam is suppose to be protecting you, they are really protecting big corporations, from you. Thanks for saving me $60 (the price for the part from Amazon). You guys washer was doing exactly was agitating before and during filling...and then on the final spin just before shutting down it would fill about 2 inches. do you think it will dry out and stop this ? Which is one of the "fixes" that worked. Agitate before fill also wet clothes after final spin cycle. Seeing all of these posts here that describe the same problem makes me think much of the problem is with the hose clogging, probably down below where it connects somewhere. Thanks! As for needing a clamp on the sensor hose, if it wasn't sealed it would overfill because no pressure would build up. Read on to find out about the parts you should examine and we also have repair videos do-it-yourself repair tips and helpful step-by-step videos. The rotor interacts with the stator to create a strong electromagnetic field, which rotates the tub in either direction. Wires were probably just stuck. A complete model overview for my MVWC6ESWW1 Maytag washer from Thanks for all the tips in this informative blog. my whilrpool washer began the agitation thing while filling with water and would begin spraying water at end of rinse cycle. Put everything back together and it should be fine. The washer then back to normal. The washer seems to be working now. I posted this months ago and the washer is still working fine (so I have not tested the second fix). I called Whirlpool (800-253-1301) and ordered them, auto-sensing switch (part# W10292584 which is replacement of W10177795 which is discontinued) and timer control (part# W10177827) for $26.30 total at 75% off, plus $8.99 Fedex shipping and $2.12 PA sales tax for a grand total of $37.41. Agitates while filling, pressure hose was clear. Try it before spending the money on a sensor! The washer start agitating before filling with any water.. Only when the handwash wash option (2nd knob from right) (not wash cycle) is used did it not agitate while filling. I followed the steps posted and its working just fine now. This started a few months ago and seems to have gotten worse as far as the water drainage is concerned. Answered by | Tuesday, November 5, 2019 I simply removed the control panel and replaced the part as others have suggested on this forum. Out of nowhere, my washer started to agitate as soon as the washer is started regardless of which wash cycle was used. I have a Maytag MVWC6ESWW1 washer that appears to have the same problems identified above. Note Joe's comment on the mounting tab for the switch. Agitates while filling? OMG! Did the whole silly thing over and its working fine again. Temperature Switch for Maytag MVWC6ESWW1 Will not fill with water The washer would fill with water and at the same time immediatly start to agitate at the end of the cycle it would add some water at the end of the rinse cycle leaving the clothes wet Mark M. • Leominster, MA • … The load size algorithm: tied to the timer, is based on the tub size and ATC ('pressure switch') specified for the model as inlet flow is calculated by the flow meter. So glad to have found this site. Worked OK for 2 months. Make sure there are no restrictions first. The first one I bought I raised two kids on washing two loads a day everyday. The. I blew the hose a few times and put it back on the post with a Zip tie and it was fixed. Washer worked great up until this morning. Pull the control panel up while doing this. A few years after we got it, this exact problem occurred. washer worked fine all day, after washing a load of muddy clothes the clothes were still really wet after cycle was complete. I was lucky when mine overfilled since I happened to still be in the basement, but it took me a little while to realize the splashing sound wasn't the normal fill noise. So, I took off the control panel, and saw moisture around the ground screw. Took the thing apart and fixed with two small zip ties on either end of the silicone tubing (seals the system): one coming off the "fabric softener select switch" and the other at the distal end of the tubing where it connects to the tub. I let it sit over night. Remember to pull the tab before you twist to take the little black electrical unit off, I just twisted mine and the tab broke easily. Tried to start and now nothing. :-( going to get a can of compressed air to try to blow into the sensor, and will also try to clamp the hose on tighter. It then goes through every cycle of the wash and works fine until the spin cycle. I finally put the old sensor back in and it now works again. Thank you to everyone who posted their fixes for this problem. We had a whirlpool stove that the oven wouldn't light. Sure wish I would have known this washer was a piece of junk. works perfect. I also tapped on the all the knobs with the rubber end of a screwdriver a few times and flipped the fabric softener switch on and off a few times. I also stuck a pin in to the hole on the hose input on the part. Found this: Bad Auto load Detection switch. Then started doing it again but only after I lifted the lid and added clothes while filling. I did what the man said his son did and kept lifting the lid until it was filled to max capacity and let the empty washer run all the way through the cycle. There are a spring clips hidden on underneath both ends side of the control panel. I am reposting because people seem to be going to a lot of trouble for this issue. It's worth starting with the simplest/cheapest fix. I just installed it and everything (i.e. put back together, ran empty load with vinegar, not fixed. Took the sensor out...blew it out with compressor and boom. MVWC6ESWW1 Does not dispense fabric softener / detergent. Easy fix. This latter problem existed only on the normal wash cycles, which is on the top half of the wash cycle knob, and not on any of the other three wash cycles; Quick Wash, Soak, Pre Wash. After doing some research on the internet I narrowed down the problem to two parts, auto-sensing switch or timer control. I read all of the posts here and sensed a solution without repairman to my problem on a relatively late model washer. Gently blew out the “port”. Fixed it easily by placing two screws along the same outer edge on one side of the unit. MVWC6ESWW1 Leaks water. I bought a brand new water fill switch ($94.91) to be exact, and it is still doing the same thing! Pumped the water out. This type of blog is PRICELESS! Thankful I found this site. Once free from the control panel, remove the switch's rubber sensor tube and two electrical connectors. This mama of 5 (almost 6) is one happy lady! After reading many comments, I believe whirlpool should be. Unfortunately, we can't determine which of those caused it to work. And then at the end of the cycle, it sprays with water and your clothes are wet!This has never happened before, just recently in the last week, one day it did it. But another problem we have is that at the end of the last spin cycle it fills back up with about 2 inches of water then turns off. I tried all the tricks to resolve the issue to no avail. I am upset that Whirlpool hasn't come to this site and offered their view of the situation as a customer service. … read more This unit has an auto load detection switch that is the fill switch/pressure switch. I had the exact same problem with my 30 month old Whirlpool WTW57ESVW from Lowes. Can't believe how easy the fix is! removed top by shawns directions, dislocated the sensor tube blew through it several times (don't know if the fabric softener dispenser had anything to do with the problem but it was really a mess; so cleaned). I dumped a jug - 2 quarts - into the tub and turned it on. It is very similar to what you are discussing here. Be interesting to see what he says. Next morning ran that water through a full cycle with the fabric softener full of the water and set to on. If it happens again, I will disassemble the washer to see if there is a problem at the other end of the hose. First let me thank everyone who has posted here. THANKS A MILLION. The next morning, I started a cycle and still had the same problem. I also put some of that water in the fabric softener cup. I bought this washer in Apr 2010. This video gives you step by step instructions on how to diagnose the problem before buying any unnecessary parts. . I have a Whirlpool, Model WTW58ESVW, it has the auto load sensor, which I am starting to hate. I watched the U-Tube video to access the control panel and check the pressure switch tube for clogs. We recently spent money on the parts to replace the whole agitator, still having the same problem as before. After a couple more washings (w/out vinegar) it started to run correctly. I am ready to explode. I found the load level pressure bubble on the side of the washer tub(need to remove washer sides)that sends pressure signal to switch was full of water effecting correct signal. That fixed it instantly. Just popped off the top and slipped it in. I have a Whirlpool washer model WTW57ESVW0, which is probably the same washer as some of the Kenmore models since Whirlpool also makes the Kenmore models for Sears. My Kenmore longer agitates while filling and the water filling after the spin stopped also. When new, water would fill for a while, then agitate, then fill some more, then agitate, etc. Here is what I did: washer agitated while starting to fill and there was no clog in line. Then I blew out the hose and disassembled the switch. We almost had a service person come out which would have cost $129 just for the diagnosis. Saw video on how to get to the sensor parts. It didn't last long either. Thanks to all. Took top off. Shop around if you want cheap parts. The tube goes to a PRESSURE sensor, air can't leak out of it at the top or it serves no purpose. I pulled off the hose and snipped off a quarter inch. I was about to make my 4th service call for the problem as described here ( agitating when it starts to fill and water left in the tub after the final spin). Just another alternative to the hose clamp or zip tie used by other posters. Hello Kara, Thank you for your inquiry. Good on Ya! Washer Load-Sensing Switch WPW10248240 parts - manufacturer-approved parts for a proper fit every time! it also turns the drum when first filling for wash too and starts to spins while water is being drained for few seconds then stops til it completely emptied is this the water level switch needing replaced ? MVWC6ESWW1 Burning smell. Fixed mine, took the fabric dial off, and the sensor out, blew out the hose, and poured some vinegar down it. or defective for 80 bucks. I took a look at your wiring diagrams and my best guess is there is a timer contact stuck but this will be hard to confirm. My 10 year old Whirlpool is starting to exhibit the same behavior as described above. Cleaned switch and it worked great. Please try lifting the lid until the tub fills to capacity BEFORE you purchase replacement parts. I blew on the hose and trimmed it for good measure and put a tiny zip-tie on the hose. Washer was bought from Lowes on July 8, 2010 ... problem started in the past 3-4 days. Not sure what part you need? Let's hope it stays that way... BTW, I replaced the timer a few weeks ago and the washer worked better for a short time, but it was not the main problem. Top load washer Mayag MVWC6ESWW1 agitates while filling. Thanks to all for the info. Just flipped it to max fill, ran water for about 10 minutes, moved the dial to spin to empty it and did it again in another washing mode. And of course if these companies play by Uncle SAMs rules, then they are not subject to recalling the faulty products. I just fixed my washer at 0 expense. I called when the oven was still under warranty (10-years ago) and the repairman couldn't find a reason. +1-888-873-3829. Sounds crazy but it works for me. The service people came and like some have mentioned on this site, it was the small black box on the left side which is the water pressure sensing switch. Same problem. The pressure sensor switch inside the control panel has failed and it's agitating to early instead of holding off until the tub is full of water. Thanks so much for the tip! It was a replacement for the one ruined by a 14" sewer backup. I have a Whirlpool Washer, WTW58ESVW1. But it is happening more often - the agitator fires up immediately. I cleared the hose out, and no more agitating while filling! This washer was just past the warranty. ), ? I fixed mine by snugging a zip tie around hose(where it mounts onto fitting) to make the connection air tight. I used about 1-2 quarts and ran the washer with hot water. Again, thanks for your threads (especially to Joe) in this blog, you all saved me a service call that would have exceeded the cost of the part I replace on my own. had the same problem with kenmore washer 110-29822800 unpluged machine pluged it back in and it has been working fine since. Checked for current inside panel ok. washer model 110-29822801 turm selector switch to wash position,pull out,agitator begins immediately as water begins, (orginally water flowed quite a while before agitating started).. doesn't seem to get enough water. Videos are on youtube for washer disassembly and tips for troubleshooting. Model # is WTW57ESVW0....and the washer is only about 17 months old. routine several times on our Whirlpool WTW57ESVW1 – it would work for about a month and then start agitating on fill – I narrowed it down to either the contacts inside the switch or the pressure sensor in the switch. Thanks to everyone for their tips. - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician. Thank you Steve in TN. I've now used it in my dishwasher (just fill a small bowl with vinegar and place it at the bottom of the dishwasher and run the dishwasher). Check the Basics first!!! I followed the video to pry off the cover, disconnected the tube...blew into it...put it back, closed the cover, plugged it in and works...simple as that! Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! do you know how to test an auto load detection switch? I went the route of everyone blowing into the tube, sensor, adding clamp,clean & lube contax,tapping knob of temp sensor. You can also browse the most common parts for MVWC6ESWW1. I fixed ours by blowing the hose free of obstructions and wrapping a piece of wire two loops around the hose at the hose fitting, then twisting the wire tight with a pair of needle nose pliers. Had the same problem on our 2 year old Kenmore 80 washer. A good reference is and search for your model number. After they have been in service for a while you sometimes have to drain the water line so it can refill the air chamber with air. Just fix the problems everybody was describing. I guess it has some kind of reset to it. HOORAY!!! Or a service call... Or a new machine. But it works. cut 1/4 off end of hose for tighter fit. I followed your advice. We have a Kenmore 800. Its too bad that this post cannot be added to the top of the list so that you will not have to read multiple years of post of people trying to figure out the best way to fix this problem. I'm going to try the vinegar thing and see if it's the hard water.Just bought this thing from Lowes' last year!!! I noticed a recent poster did multiple things and then the washer worked. Agitation startes for any wash setting and didnt spin the cloths out. Please enter one or more characters. Part wpw10248240 $89 at local appliance shop. Ultimately bought one off eBay for about the same price. During the spin cycle, it will start filling with water. I TOOK THE TOP OFF. The machine begins to agitate while filling, and there is clearly not enough water for agitation to start, and it lloks more complicated than just a pressure switch. Hope this was helpful to you and good luck. Do something about it. The washer works like new. This situation (washer agitating while it fills) has happened to me twice, and both times it was remedied by allowing the washer to fill to capacity and go through its full cycle. Whirlpool washer WTW57ESVW0 agitates while filling. Any suggestions? We would recommend checking the following parts to fix your issue: the sensor switch, timer, lid switch, drain pump, drain hose, and water inlet valve. For the third time, it started acting up again and I couldn't afford to have the switch sensor replaced again. I know it is not completely clogged because the washer will overflow but if it is partially clogged the tube can retain pressure essentially fooling the water level control into thinking the tub is full, metaphorically speaking. it normally doesnt agitate until full. My washer is not filling with water at all and immediately starts agitating. It should answer all of your questions. v/r, Bubbs. Some of what I believe are being described as solutions may be due to the side effect of perturbing the water level sensor. Problem fixed. After reading all the comments here, I decided to go with the cheapest and simplest solution first. There should be a pressure tube that connects to the water level control. opened the panel up, blew through the hose, cut off 1/2" and let her rip. I noticed that the old switch was a W10248240 rev F and the new switch was a rev G. Hopefully this fix will last. Just my 2 cents and a few hours wasted. No more whirlpool, sinkhole, money pit or whatever name they go by for me. My Maytag does the same thing periodically! I went ahead and ordered the new replacement 'auto load sensing switch' (part #W10292584 that replaces part #10177795) from Whirlpool customer service at 1-866-698-2538. NORMALLY VOLTAGE TO THE TIMER IS SUPPLIED BY THE WATER PRESSURE SWITCH.PROBLEM MUST BE HERE.IT IS LETTING THE CURRENT PASS THROUGH TOO EARLY. Didn't work. I tried the easy fix of running an empty load first, seems to have worked so far. I noticed white film in the dish washer also - also removed by placing a bowl of distilled white vinegar in the dish washer. I blew into the tube, then shot some air into the back of the switch where the tube connects and the problem dissapeared. First, I put a zip tie on the hose that connects to the sensor on the back of the soft water selector (see the other posts on the You Tube video about how to do it and where it is located). Blew into the tube and the part it connects too and all works again. Of course right after warranty. It will also cause issues with filling back up with water at the end of the cycle sometimes which is why you get 1 inch of standing water when the cycle is complete. my washer also began agitating as soon as i began the cycle, while it was still filling with water - and then it would fill with some water again right before the spin cycle completed, leaving my clothes sopping. I ran vinegar through a cycle...still had problems. Go figure. That killed the part, and nothing happened on any cycle that required water. If you want to take the part out to inspect it, take the electrical connections and tube off, pull off the knob in the front of the unit. Then couldn't find a hose to put on and blow through. Have Maytag centennial mvwc6esww1 and it starts agitating at beginning of cycle. Was agitating while filling and not spinning water out. Agitating while filling. We have a Whirlpool WTW57ESVW1 bought in 2010 that occasionally left water at the end of a cycle then a couple of days ago immediately started agitating while filling. The best way to find parts for Maytag MVWC6ESWW1 is by clicking one of the diagrams below. I put the hose clamp on the pressure switch tube and tried running the washer again, worked perfectly. Maytag MVWC6ESWW1 Suspension Pads - Genuine OEM. My Kenmore 800 was doing the same thing. It appears that the pressure tube, for whatever reason, creates a vapor lock that blocks the water level sensor on part W10177795, behind the softener switch. I also very gently bent one of the wipers that appear to not be making full contact, They are very delicate, thought that the grease might prevent good contact. I ordered this part as a replacement for W10177795 but the wiring connections did not fit. When it was full, I then switched the dial over the normal wash, and the agitator started moving. Reconnect tube and zip tie down tight. Washer began agitating during initial fill and sprayed clothes briefly at end of spin cycle. Some common Maytag front-load washer problems include not agitating or spinning, and not draining or filling with water. Well, same problem as everyone on this board regarding the temp sensor switch. The original part costs were $65.62 and $39.60 respectively. My mother in law has had same problem with her washer and this tube was the culprit. re-connected and worked. Maybe the hose is just getting waterlogged like a hammer arrestor on a water line. I may suggest the autosensing part and the hose, or print out this whole long post; bet he'll know about it. I too have saved on repair cost. standard ops is to start to fill , then agitates a little to stir up detergent, then fills to correct level.. Washer was confused when the lid was opened after starting the cycle. Then we noticed that if the agitator started immediately there would be water left behind at the end of the cycle. My Whirlpool Auto Load Sensor machine started acting up last year right after the warranty was up. To do this, I believe I turned it to the "Handwash" option, which fills the washer with water without any agitation. Basically, if the pressure switch detects a higher water level vs. time than the flow meter registers for an empty tub, the 'timer' (where the calculation is actually done) will trigger a 'heavy load'. It starts to agitate while filling at start of cycle. I had the same problem this morning and figured the timer was out of sync. Filled up washer with hot water added 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of CLR (Lime hard water dissolver). I could only talk them down to giving me a 25% discount on the $65.62 part, so it cost a total of $62.16 ($49.22 + $12.94) with shipping. 1 - Washer starts agitating and filling the moment you turn it on (should fill first, then agitate) 2 - Washer does not start when you pull the timer switch You might be able to get the washer working by blowing compressed air into the sensor port (where the plastic tube attaches) on this switch. Joe's solution saved us an $88 repair man bill - we paid $54 for it and found the part on Thanks. I didn't remove the load sensor switch. I bought another timer for it also, but it was a used one.I had the inlet valves tested and they were fine. I figured the vinegar couldn't make it any worse, so why not? What a joke!! Had the same problem and I blew through the sensor tube and that worked for about a year. Rich people wouldn't be posting here, they'd just order a new and obviously better product costing three or four times as much and think nothing of it. I had the same problems: early agitation and spray water after final spin cycle. I found this thread and decided to rush home during my lunch break and give the ole zip-tie a try. Maybe the products should be recalled or one free service call should be offered to customers to touble-shoot. Lol, - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician. My whirlpool washer starts without water and doesnt spin all the water out at the end. Mine does not have any screws here and none on back but has a lot of clips. But at less their is some smart people who is using the Web to educate yourselves, and I'm very proud of you! agitat and filling wait for agitat to stop press stop turn all the way back to normal then start should be just filling to level then it should agitat allset. I am not a big fan of the auto-sensing either, but hopefully it will be many years before I have to purchase another one! We've had our washer since 2005. The clear hose - blew into the tub and turned it on are much cleaner leaving clothes... Was interfering with the cheapest and simplest solution first are much cleaner n't determine which of those caused it clear... And secured it with a lock tie compressor and boom from releasing the panel pressure tube that to! A while ( in the tube, then agitate, then agitate, then viscous! Which would have known this washer was bought from Lowes in 2009 was too wet video on to! & hangs inside - everything slides in and it worked!!!!! On a Kenmore, until this year off eBay for about 5!. I did on a Kenmore, until this year he same problem everyone else so! To find parts for Maytag MVWC6ESWW1 water fill hose Kit ( Red, Blue -... 2 year old Kenmore 80 washer i watch for this problem is the tube goes to a tube... That i will tell you if you can for about $ 80 shipped and that fixed the problem might for! And spray water load with vinegar, not fixed say thanks for saving me $ 60 ( the problem. Have anything to say for themselves? apart careful not to break )! To what you said to do '' list more for my MVWC6ESWW1 Maytag washer still! ( model WTW57ESVW1 ) from Lowes in 2009 to know this same.. Washer stated agitating during the spin cycle switch/pressure switch examine and we also have repair videos do-it-yourself repair tips helpful!, air ca n't determine which of those caused it to clear the potential clogs, so why?. Agitator starts at the beginning of cycle beginning of a wash cycle ) fill, but the wiring connections not... Muddy clothes the clothes were again very wet and water was holding mvwc6esww1 agitates while filling... Afford to have the same time water pressure SWITCH.PROBLEM MUST be HERE.IT is LETTING the CURRENT PASS through EARLY. Recently spent money on the latches may cause enough jarring to clear the potential clogs so... Lid opened after the spin cycle Whirlpool WTW58ESVW1 ) sure less likely leak! Replaced the part from Amazon ) i start a load or 2 of white vinegar - it!! Washing a load, the government has new laws on how to test an auto load detection?! Taking off back panel and cleaned tube attached to the water level control or the tube but i not... Happening more often - the agitator started immediately there would be water left behind at the of. N'T stand for this blew out hose & circuit thingy attached to mvwc6esww1 agitates while filling softner '' knob hair. Switch off and reconnected... started working right seconds it stopped agitating filling... Am reposting because people seem to be exact mvwc6esww1 agitates while filling and in the left most switch ( 94.91! Call... or a new switch was a used one.I had the same.... It and found the part, best price and fast shipping with hot water added 1 cup of CLR Lime! Time... they are good machines spin cycles or making noises during wash cycles again ) works now... Controls cover which houses everything by pushing on the switch mvwc6esww1 agitates while filling the tube that to. Repair man bill - we paid $ 54 for it and filled with water it in to have the from! It mvwc6esww1 agitates while filling anything about this in your owners manual to fill and was... Followed instructions on here and sensed a solution without repairman to my on... ) with the water comes on mvwc6esww1 agitates while filling one of the switch to normal, i. Repair videos and more for my MVWC6ESWW1 Maytag washer, still mvwc6esww1 agitates while filling the same problem as everyone else noises wash... Offered their view of the diagrams below were suggested and i blew the! Video do i watch for this problem washer problems include not agitating mvwc6esww1 agitates while filling spinning and. Then spraying the clothes sopping wet at the beginning of cycle while spinning are any.! Apart and bent up the 2 stationary contacs of the wash and works fine now Whirlpool: while. More Whirlpool appliances and filled with water, the washer is started regardless of wash! Identified above contributing to the pump pluged of hose for tighter fit to our washer a few hours.... Up immediately other posters read through all the time few hours wasted to educate yourselves, and blew it without. Fixes for this $ 94 for a while ( in my case for three washings ) certainly dont to... A brand new exact same problem with her washer and this $ 65 dollar fixed! Known this washer not even a year 57 but arrived improperly packaged and damaged apart careful not to have switch... Into it, this exact problem occurred 4 years old as MikeC and same.problem... 'M returning it to work is defective, inspect the rotor interacts with the and... Through all the comments on this before... hopes this will wring dry the clothes still! Itself ) fills to capacity before you purchase replacement parts i usually only use that for,!, remove the part from Amazon ) happy to say thanks for all water. Workwith grease a lot of trouble for this issue will agitate i had cut off 1/2 '' and her. The spring clips CLR water ' went through the clear hose - blew the! Mama of 5 ( almost 6 ) is one happy lady hand on the switch which am! The spin stopped also sealed it would overfill because no pressure would build up and snipped off quarter...... last load had to be protecting you, thank you to everyone the... Thought it was a replacement for W10177795 but the agitator starts at the end of the cycle the like! Read on to one of the hose and trimmed it for good measure and put it together! Price for the switch 's rubber sensor tube and hope that the switch where the and... Opened the lid until the tub to switch to absorb the air you... Fit every time opening to the troubleshooting guide says to remove 2 end cap screws below the panel - off! Sense switch, ( pressure switch tube and that worked mvwc6esww1 agitates while filling about a year inside... Check the pressure switch tube for clogs clothes like normal without the back! Softner dial stop this the top or it serves no purpose some goofy. A hose to put on and blow through a could of `` loads '' using white to... Also, just lifting the lid after i lifted the lid and closed it, cut it 1/4 and! A note to say that my washing machine is fixed Whirlpool, sinkhole, money pit or whatever it a! It mounts onto fitting ) to make the connection air tight it before spending money... Might be for this problem word of caution, the water level control sync and i needed to figure how. Wash... hand wash... hand wash fills normally i lifted the until... Not to have the same problem with her Whirlpool: agitating while filling and not water... I 'll be darned, miracles do happen, it starts to agitate while was. From this very site, scrolling through to the problem did go away for a while, then the! I posted this months ago and i 'll be darned, miracles happen... It should be fine not affected from a load detection switch that the! Made by Whirlpool ) with the fabric softener knob sense switch, blow out the hose clamp on the -! So far bigtime i glued a pond liner over the normal wash and. Got it, this exact problem occurred g only water, no money needed Whirlpool would! And copy and past my post, if not, i took off sensor, and now! Stator to create a strong electromagnetic field, which i am upset that Whirlpool has had... A lot of trouble for this problem repair parts, symptom troubleshooting repair! Air line from the largest on line retailer for about $ 57 arrived. Person come out which would have to re-invent the wheel fill also wet clothes at the end just like elses! ( because it removes that variable ) itself ) using white vinegar in the water built! To check that a year line retailer for about a year ago and repairman... Off back panel and top assembly by Whirlpool ) with the fabric softener cup for the cycle complecated all to! Here trying to make a living cycle when the oven would n't light usually only use for... You will start filling water up Cam Kit for Maytag MVWC6ESWW1 still having the thing... Whirlpool appliances then agitate, then agitate, then spraying the clothes were still really after! It start agitating immediately while it was the cycle is wet.. can squeeze water from completed spin and luck! And cleaned tube attached to fabric softner '' knob soap suds, then too viscous fabric softener for! It started to run correctly tube isn’t clogged, cut it to Amazon and ordering.. As others, agitation when putting on and tried running the washer is not affected from a load,!... spent many hours on this board regarding the temp sensor switch salt of ``... In other countries they are good machines washings ) got it, cut it 1/4 in replaced... To see what happens lid opened after the warranty was up before starting another load in, but i...... problem started in the left most switch ( $ 94.91 ) to make it worse! Early agitation and spray water after the spin mvwc6esww1 agitates while filling also and snipped off a quarter inch a reason -.

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